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68th South African Target Archery Nationals

Marks Park, Johannesburg.

30th March – 2nd April 2018

Day 1 - all archers settled in & practice in sun and cloud went well. 
Day 2 – Competition - the 1440 round, 36 arrows at 4 different set distances our team of 7 competed in a field of 119 athletes.


Dean Green - best traveling Compound men archer and closest to the center (Robin spot) new Zimbabwean record.

Chelsey Hunter silver in Cadet Junior Women Recurve bow, new Zimbabwean record.

Shania Bartosz silver in the Girls U15 Recurve. 
Day 3 – Competition - 720 competition one distance 72 arrows.

Dean Green new Men’s Compound 720 Zimbabwean record.

Eliminations followed on a knock out system.


Compound men - Russell Mazonde and Bryan Chikumbo 1/16 finals.

Compound Men - Dean Green, Ian Dalton 1/8 finals.

Recurve men Huma Poonja 1/8 finals.

Men’s compound team event, Russell, Dean and Ian - Silver. 
Day 4 - rain and cloud.

Results Continued

Recurve Cadet Women, Silver Chelsey Hunter, Bronze Shania Bartosz.

Majority of the archers have achieved personal best scores in both competitions.



New Zimbabwean records:-

Dean Green 1440 Competition – Total score 1347 – Compound Men

Chelsey Hunter 1440 Competition – Total score 1142 – Recurve Cadet Women

Dean Green 720 Elimination @50m score – total score 684 – Compound Men

Chelsey Hunter 720 Elimination @60m score- total score 562 – Recurve Cadet Women


1440 round

Silver – Chelsey Hunter – Recurve Cadet Women

Silver – Shania Bartosz – Recurve Cub U15 Girls

720 round

Silver - Chelsey Hunter – Recurve Cadet Women

Bronze – Shania Bartosz – Recurve Cadet Women

Team event, Men’s Compound - Silver

Report  - DATE: 1st May 2018 – I. Bartosz