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68th South African Target Archery Nationals

Marks Park, Johannesburg.

30th March – 2nd April 2018

Day 1 - all archers settled in & practice in sun and cloud went well. 
Day 2 – Competition - the 1440 round, 36 arrows at 4 different set distances our team of 7 competed in a field of 119 athletes.


Dean Green - best traveling Compound men archer and closest to the center (Robin spot) new Zimbabwean record.

Chelsey Hunter silver in Cadet Junior Women Recurve bow, new Zimbabwean record.

Shania Bartosz silver in the Girls U15 Recurve. 
Day 3 – Competition - 720 competition one distance 72 arrows.

Dean Green new Men’s Compound 720 Zimbabwean record.

Eliminations followed on a knock out system.


Compound men - Russell Mazonde and Bryan Chikumbo 1/16 finals.

Compound Men - Dean Green, Ian Dalton 1/8 finals.

Recurve men Huma Poonja 1/8 finals.

Men’s compound team event, Russell, Dean and Ian - Silver. 
Day 4 - rain and cloud.

Results Continued

Recurve Cadet Women, Silver Chelsey Hunter, Bronze Shania Bartosz.

Majority of the archers have achieved personal best scores in both competitions.



New Zimbabwean records:-

Dean Green 1440 Competition – Total score 1347 – Compound Men

Chelsey Hunter 1440 Competition – Total score 1142 – Recurve Cadet Women

Dean Green 720 Elimination @50m score – total score 684 – Compound Men

Chelsey Hunter 720 Elimination @60m score- total score 562 – Recurve Cadet Women


1440 round

Silver – Chelsey Hunter – Recurve Cadet Women

Silver – Shania Bartosz – Recurve Cub U15 Girls

720 round

Silver - Chelsey Hunter – Recurve Cadet Women

Bronze – Shania Bartosz – Recurve Cadet Women

Team event, Men’s Compound - Silver

Report  - DATE: 1st May 2018 – I. Bartosz

11th Namibian Target Archery Nationals. Tsumeb13th – 15th April 2018

Namibia kindly sponsored accommodation over the competition.  Thank you!

Competitor numbers 24 from Namibia and Zimbabwe – competition format strong and was much needed for our young athletes. It was a World registered event.

Day 1 –Chelsey and Shania (having been driven to Tsumeb, 2 days) - settled in & practice in rain, sun and cloud went well – assessment of wind on range tough. Huma and Omer arrived 9pm (flew in).
Day 2 – Competition
- the 1440 round, 36 arrows at 4 different set distances.


Huma Poonja – Not a personal best as had to adjust to the wind and shade on the range and had not been able to practice day before but 90 and 70 meters were a personal best.

Chelsey Hunter Silver in Cadet Junior Women Recurve bow, 1196 - new Zimbabwean record.

Shania Bartosz Gold in the Girls U15 Recurve. 

Omer Ohana Gold in the Boys U15 Recurve personal best score achieved.

After competition a friendly team event was done, at 60m. All archers performed well, and at the end with great team work Chelsey, Quin and Shania ousted all the male archers!
Day 3 – Competition - 720 competition one distance 72 arrows.

Huma Poonja Men’s Recurve 720 P.B. 554 at 70m

Chelsey Hunter Cadet Recurve Women P.B. 567 at 60m new Zimbabwe record.

Shania Bartosz Cadet Recurve Women 425 at 60m

Omer Ohana Recurve U15 Boys  P.B. 521 at 40m.

Eliminations followed on a knock out system.


Recurve Cadet Women Silver Chelsey Hunter, Bronze Shania Bartosz.

Recurve men Huma Poonja Gold & Omer Ohana Recurve U15 Gold

After the competition a mixed team event was done, at 60m. Ultimately Namibia took it but not without some excellent archery and team sportsmanship – Zim 2nd and 3rd.

At the end of the day – a friendly 3D shoot was set up for all archers who enjoyed the relaxed discipline of 3D archery.

DATE: 1st May 2018 – Report I. Bartosz


10th to 17th July 2016

Alpine Heath Resort

Drakensburg, KwaZulu Natal, RSA

By Rob Jackson



Since the inception of NASP Zimbabwe in mid 2013, and the roll out since then to 13 schools and clubs in Zimbabwe the program has developed and matured showing a very focussed direction and passion for the sport of competitive archery at a junior (U19) level in local and International tournaments.

Global popularity of International style archery in this format is staggering, and the numbers of archers involved begs belief. The USA has 12,500 schools actively participating with over 2,5 million kids doing NASP as an In – school physical education staple or sporting choice. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Uk, Mongolia, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe  make up another 1000 schools world wide in 2016.

At the Hotel


6th-10th July 2017, Windhoek. - By R. Jackson

The four countries presently active in NASP ( National archery In The Schools Program) in Southern Africa had the pleasure of participating and competing against each other over the past weekend  of July 6th to the 10th 2017.

The hosts were NASP Namibia, and the venue was SKW (Sports Klub Windhoek) in Windhoek. National teams of 16 archers were presented  from South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

To compliment this, Development teams of a further 16 archers representing Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana were at hand to compete against the Centreshot team based in South Africa.

Luxor (Africa Open Tournament)

Congratulations to Zimbabwe for receiving the GOLD for the Mens Recurve Event in Luxor at the 2nd Africa Open International Tournament. This is a fantastic result for Zimbabwe as it re-enters into the international arena  for the sport of Archery. Gavin Sutherland for Zimbabwe received the Gold followed by Ibrahim Sabry who recieved the Silver for Egypt and third place, Hady Elkholosy received the Bronze for Egypt. The Recurve Womens was won by Hania Fouda for Egypt.  The complete results can be found here.